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Welcome to the Ayn Rand Institute, the online source for information on the life and works of novelist-philosopher Ayn Rand

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News & Highlights

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Philosophic Issues in Economics

by Harry Binswanger


In this course, Dr. Binswanger applies Objectivist methodology to the study of economics. Whether you've studied economics for years or are unfamiliar with this field of study, you will find that this course addresses economic concepts in an entirely new way.

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New Books

Yaron Brook's and Don Watkins' game-changing look at how our current crises are caused by too much government is now available in paperback. Learn how Ayn Rand's bold defense of free markets can help us change course. This softcover edition features a new preface and discussion questions to enhance your reading.

Free Market Revolution

Also available, the new national bestseller: The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure. Not only is free market capitalism good for the economy, argues John A. Allison, it is our only hope for recovery.

The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure


Laissez Faire Blog

LaissezFaire Blog


Recent Commentary

Updated ARI FAQ on libertarianism

What is ARI’s view of libertarianism?

Ayn Rand in the Culture

This section presents recent examples of the penetration of Ayn Rand’s ideas into mainstream culture. ARI does not necessarily endorse the content of the articles linked here.

Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged Revolution dinner reported in The New York Sun

There may not be a free lunch, but that was some dinner of the Ayn Rand Institute

ARI essay contest winner profiled

Radnor junior earns third place in national writing contest

NPR profile of Ayn Rand and her ideas

On Capitol Hill, Rand's Atlas can't be shrugged off

Comic book Female Force: Ayn Rand is now available on e-readers

Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble Nook

Economic arguments seem to come straight from the characters in Atlas Shrugged

Is the Economy Stressing Out Your Family?

» More Ayn Rand in the Culture

» ARI press releases about Atlas Shrugged, other news

From ARC

The Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights (ARC) is a public policy and media center in Washington, DC. A division of the Ayn Rand Institute, the Center advocates for individual rights, with an emphasis on the morality of business and capitalism.

The Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights

Voices for Reason

Voices for Reason is the blog of the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights. Voices for Reason analyzes and comments on current events from the perspective of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of reason, individualism, and capitalism.

Voices for Reason

Recent Op-Eds

Opposing Views: Government Tries to Do Too Much [USA Today]

Obamacare Creates a New Class of Free Riders [The Daily Caller]

The Broken State Of American Health Insurance Prior To The Affordable Care Act [Pacific Research Institute]


For all ARI articles on current events, visit our Media section.

Special Topics

ARC on Health Care

ARC on the Tea Parties

ARC’s Response to the Financial Crisis

Media Highlights

Elan Journo event covered in The Blaze

Ayn Rand group preps for Islamic showdown at UC Davis

Drs. Brook and Ghate quoted on CNN’s Belief Blog

Jesus or Ayn Rand: Can Conservatives Claim Both?

Dr. Keith Lockitch quoted in National Geographic

Earth Day: Conservationist or Communist? Behind Google’s Doodle

» More Media Highlights


Digital Initiative

DSI aynrand.org logoDSI ARI logo

The Ayn Rand Institute is launching its first-ever Capital Campaign. We invite you to support this project—with your help, we hope to introduce hundreds of thousands of people to Ayn Rand!

Read more about the Digitial Initiative!


Ayn Rand Institute Campus

ARI Campus is hosting a writing contest to mark the release of the newest course, “What Is Capitalism?” The first place essay will win $500!

With a philosophical focus, “What Is Capitalism?” introduces you to Ayn Rand’s views on ethics, politics, economics and what constitutes a proper social system.

Enroll in “What Is Capitalism?”  and enter our essay contest today.

Sculpture Article Online 

Metaphysics in Marble,” an article on sculpture by art historian Mary Ann Sures, is now available online. The article is supplemented by footnotes containing links to more than thirty online illustrations selected by the author to enhance appreciation of her text.

Mary Ann Sures

Campus Clubs

ARI offers a wide variety of resources for campus clubs, including:

To find out more about how ARI can help your campus club, contact clubs@aynrand.org.

For Professors

Professors looking for grants and other resources are directed to the Anthem Foundation for Objectivist Scholarship, a separate nonprofit organization that makes gifts to universities in support of Rand scholarship, and offers a variety of resources to academics interested in her ideas.

Video & Audio

ARCTVLatest Updates

From ARI

Video Introduction for New Site Visitors

In this video, ARI president Dr. Yaron Brook presents an overview of Ayn Rand, Objectivism, and the Ayn Rand Institute.
» watch

The Ayn Rand Multimedia Library

Ayn Rand and the “New Intellectual”

The Ayn Rand Multimedia Library

An Introduction to Objectivism

Leonard PeikoffView streaming video of Leonard Peikoff’s 1995 lecture “An Introduction to Objectivism."

» More video and audio on Ayn Rand’s books and ideas

From ARC

The ARC Speaker Series

ARC Lecture Series: The Complete Video Collection

“Cultural Movements: Creating Change”

A three-lecture series from Objectivist Summer Conference 2008. Each lecture is approximately 90 minutes.

Radio Interviews with Our Writers and Speakers

Browse interviews

» More ARC video & audio recordings


Philosophical Q&As

Visit peikoff.com

ARC Speakers on YouTube

From the AynRandInstitute Channel

» More recordings on YouTube


Video Contest Winners

Runner Up:

Lemonaid by Charlotte Jarrett

Check out the viewer's choice and all of the contest entries on the Atlas Shrugged video contest site.

Ayn Rand Institute Internships

Applications are now being accepted for the 2014 Summer Internship program!

Early application deadline: January 12, 2014. Regular deadline: March 30, 2014.

Save the Date

The Objectivist Summer Conference heads to Las Vegas June 28–July 4, 2014. More details to come.

OCON 2014 in Las Vegas, NV

Essay Contests

ARI awards $100,000 in prize money each year to the winners of its essay contests. Current contests are:


For 8th, 9th & 10th graders
Deadline: March 20, 2014

The Fountainhead

For 11th and 12th graders
Deadline: April 26, 2014

Atlas Shrugged

For college students and graduating high school seniors
Deadline: October 24, 2014

Tax-Saving Opportunity

Are you age 70.5 or older, or will you turn 70.5 before the end of 2013? Do you have an Individual Retirement Account? If your answer to both questions is “Yes,” you may be able to save taxes by making a tax- free transfer from your IRA to ARI.

Read more . . .


Upcoming Events


4- Toronto, Canada | Talk
Rituparna Basu
"The Disease Killing Canadian Health Care"

5 - Irvine, CA | ARI Speaker Series
Yaron Brook
"Is Inequality Fair?"


Allan Stanley Gotthelf

In Memoriam Allan Stanley Gotthelf (1942-2013)




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Careers at ARI

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Volunteer Opportunities

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Recommended Reading

Why Businessmen Need Philosophy

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Winning the Unwinnable War

» Buy the book
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Our current feature:
Defending Capitalism
By Yaron Brook

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